I have the power to …

Our team has been very busy over the past few months working on the fourth TEDxKids@BC event. We have been collecting speaker applications and soon we will follow up with the candidates to discuss the next step. We're very excited about this and I am personally awed by everyone's passion to share their stories and ideas with our community.   This post is not about the speakers, though. It is about YOU, our community! We have embraced TEDx because of its power to inspire and educate people through ideas worth sharing and I strongly believe that we all have ideas that need to be heard. This is why I would like to invite you to give a very short talk ... right this moment! ... I would like to invite everyone to finish the sentence started in the title of this post and write what they feel they bring to the world and the people around them. Feel free to write a very short sentence or a even just a word or two or share some story where you applied your power, but make sure you do it. Think of this as a game if you want and the reward will be that you just inspired the next person reading this post to write after you and share their own powers with all of us.   Let me start:   I have the power to dream! I had carried this power from my childhood when I was sitting outside and looking at the stars with my friends or reading books or comics and imagined me in the stories I read. I have almost lost or forgot about that power at times but it had always come to me when I needed it. I think I have recovered it fully few years ago when I convinced myself I can organize a conference for kids to share their ideas. Starting TEDxKids@BC has been a journey and a destination at the same time. It was a trip full of learning about myself and sharing my dreams with lots of people who I never met in my life before. I am forever grateful to all those strangers who I now call friends. I hope to keep dreaming till I am alive and to inspire you to do it to! Thank you!


Kat Haber » 1 Jun 2013 » Reply

I have the power to show elders the wisdom of giving up power to gain a generation. Serving the conservation community for decades, I’ve noticed that the veterans are aging out and transition to new ideas and fresh leadership is urgently needed. This is possible in the environmental movement. While the young have ideas and idealism and energy, they rarely have authentic opportunity to lead. Their ability to focus resources, guide strategic conversation, and infuse tech methods to grow social movements could all be harnessed if the old guard were willing to find legitimate ways of giving up power to them. Sharing leads to collaboration leads to cooperation leads to gaining generations previously left out. We can apprentice the next gen of leaders through sharing power.

The top down model is too slow to make the looming large changes called for in this climate changing world. Large systemic change is called for as we live in a sequestered world. If the elders can trust and guide, they could gain the trust and guidance from the entitled generation, giving them purpose and opportunity to have their voices heard.

I am an elder leading WILD Foundation and Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies. As WILD10 (the tenth World WIlderness Congress) is being organized, I advocated for GenerationWILD teens to speak up and be included in the impact that WILD10 can have on the world. Immediately the first thing GenerationWILD did was to join up with the young professionals to create CoalitionWILD. Teens are teaching elders that cooperating with others does not mean giving up power, but rather gaining power by sharing ideas, energy, and fresh voices. I am listening to GenWILD lead me to a powerful new relationship with power.

    Dragana » 3 Jun 2013 » Reply

    What a great initiative, Kat! I’m happy you shared it with us. Thanks for posting!
    Love and Peace, DD

Dragana » 3 Jun 2013 » Reply

The greatest POWER is often find in the simplest form of action: I have the power to BE KIND. To everyone. Every day.

Erina » 3 Jun 2013 » Reply

I have the power to smile.
When I’m happy or sad.
At people, at animals, at life.

Lisa » 3 Jun 2013 » Reply

define my future, a step at a time..

selin » 3 Jun 2013 » Reply

I have the power to choose. There is much that I can’t control, but my reaction and disposition is always a choice.

Thanks for this chance to reflect, Kima!

Laura V » 3 Jun 2013 » Reply

…Create a safe learning environment where children feel loved and supported every day.

Shi-Faye » 3 Jun 2013 » Reply

I have the power to define my future. Any consequences I face, obstacles I have to overcome and achievements I celebrate will be outcomes of my actions. I will not let others make decisions on behalf of me.

monica » 5 Jun 2013 » Reply

I HAVE THE POWER TO… dream, set goals and go after them.

Along the way I remember that:
-the journey is arguably more important than the destination,
-knowledge is power only once applied and
-the perspective I choose to take that will frame my experiences, lies in my hands.

I do believe the power is in me.

Gloria » 5 Jun 2013 » Reply

I have the power to slow down and savour the beauty of life.

Karen » 22 Jun 2013 » Reply

I have the power to CHOOSE. The trick is to choose wisely. I’m still learning practicing how to do this…

Kishal » 6 Aug 2013 » Reply

I have the power to create. I can use my creativity to make things that are impossible or improbable become real, and I can inspire creativity in others. I can use my imagination to think up wonderful and terrific things that would otherwise be hidden away.

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