Do you ever question your potential?

Deep within us, we each have a blazing, unbridled passion and potential. It is protected inside a small space, close to our hearts, eagerly waiting to be unleashed and guide us. However, most of us fail to follow this inner urge. Whether, its ego, nerves, doubt, or the trumped feeling that someone else can do something better than us...  we keep ourselves from reaching our greatest potential. The fear of ‘failure’ causes us to shy away from what we want to do; or perhaps it is more so the fear of success that inhibits us from taking a leap of faith to follow the power in us. There have likely been times in the past, and possibly even today, where you have wondered about your own personal capacity. Have you ever questioned yourself asking, “Do I have what it takes?”  You may be able to identify your own great life experiences, lessons, skills, or abilities but when looking at what others have done sometimes it leaves you feeling rather ordinary. When striving for your greatest potential first things first, stop comparing! Take the pressure off. Remove the mental blockades and alleviate the self doubt that arises through unnecessary comparisons of yourself to others. There will always be someone you view to be better than you, stronger than you, faster, smarter, more athletic, well spoken or attractive than you... and don’t allow that to intimidate or stop you from doing something. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and follow your passions to achieve greater personal potential. Reach for it. Take a deep breath and leap, regardless of what you’re going for. And even if you don’t become the best guitarist, get the scholarship, win the contest, or solidify the spot on the soccer team... there is so much growth in seizing the opportunity. You gain from the experience and when you learn it’s never a loss. It may sound sappy, and it’s true. Look for the lessons; the focused dedication applied, the different thoughts generated, the additional skills developed, and the new lessons learned. I believe each of us holds more potential than we ever think to give ourselves credit for. We all have the ability to reach our personal best, surpassing what we think we are capable of. Continuously striving towards reaching our personal best requires: an open mind, ongoing education, and expanding our boundaries …and here’s an opportunity calling you to do just that! We, at TEDxKidsBC, are doing our call for speakers for our October event. This is your chance to make a difference, to inspire, to provoke greater thought and analytical thinking around things that matter to you. If you are interested in TED and are reading this post right now, I can guarantee you have some bright insights to share. So take the opportunity to tap into the power in you. Take a few minutes after reading this to think about a topic that really matters to you. What would you say about it? If you had a captive audience that could spread your message throughout BC ...and potentially the world… what would you want to say? Whether your ideas are elaborate and life changing, or simple, small nuggets of insight that can be applied to make positive differences in our everyday lives, tell us about it. Apply. Share your ideas; its time to unleash your personal potential. Written by: Monica Davis

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