We Are in Action!

The TEDxKids Volunteer Team has been assembled! Behind the scenes we now have a energetic team of 50+ volunteers putting things into gear to make TEDxKidsBC2013 happen. Using our individual gifts we have arranged ourselves into 10 different teams. Our collaborative efforts spread from communications and partnerships, right through to organizing speakers and performers, and everything in between. We have embarked on this mission full-tilt, to help make TEDxKids an inspiring event for everyone involved. We are absolutely stoked to have you tune in! The fact that you are reading this is a great sign and very exciting because it shows your own creative mind at work and your interest in shared learning through ideas worth spreading! We want to stay connected with you. What can you do to be involved?
  • Sign up for our monthly Newsletter.
  • Check our weekly Blog updates.
  • Nominate someone you think would be a great speaker: before June 1st, 2013. (See our "Call for Speakers!" post below.)
  • Continue to scope out our website for great updates and latest info.
  • Get involved in the event! Attend the event or volunteer with us: October 26th, 2013. Not in the city? No problem! Stay posted on exciting ways for how to use this TEDxKids event to create your own community event and viewing party. We will help support you. (We are cleverly devising information and specifics on this, which we will provide for you in the months approaching.)
  • Do something to make a positive difference in your community and tell us about it. We love hearing stories about positive innovation and change. You may even find we post props to you in upcoming Blog posts! How cool would that be?! ...like local celebrity status!
And finally,
  • We want you to share with us anything you think will make this an awesome TEDxKids!¬†We are all a part of the creation of this event ...that includes you! Let us know what's going on in your creative mind and send us your thoughts and ideas on how to make TEDxKidsBC2013 a positive and legendary legacy. It will be what we make of it, so help us make it great!
Keep informed and inspired! Be yourself. And make the rest of what you do with your day count. From all of us at the TEDxKidsBC team.   Written by: Monica C. Davis

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