Imagining a New Story

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"I know of no other advice than this: Go within and scale the depths of your being from which your very life springs forth.” -Rainer Maria Rilke Working Playing behind the scenes at TEDxKids@BC is getting exciting! There are a little over two months left between now and our September 17th event and we're gearing up to build you an empowering and inspiring experience. Our team is shouting from Internet rooftops to spread the word of the event. So far, TEDxKids@BC has been spotTED in Saskatchewan, Hong Kong and Haiti and we've tagged friends from all around BC, Argentina, Serbia, Spain, and Amsterdam! Join in and let us know what part of the world you hail from. In the process of building a line-up of remarkable speakers and performers we're also learning about the importance of different perspectives. We've received applications from a diverse range of people who believe in the power of kids and youth, but who are harnessing this in all sorts of different ways - social change, humanitarian work, communication, environmentalism, science and technology and more. We'll need all of these skills to change the world. And together, we're stronger than any individual alone. That's partly why I'm so excited to be a part of the event: TEDxKids@BC is bringing together innovative kids and adults to play and dream, learn and discover from each other, build off each other, and reach to our collective potential. We hope that we'll build the momentum on September 17th, and then follow it through into the future as a platform that empowers young people to work together beyond the TEDxKids@BC event. This reminds me of an article I read a while ago, "Dear Millenials: A Letter to My Younger Self" by Tara Mahoney, creative director of Gen Why, a nonprofit to empower the Millenial Generation. At the end, she writes: "What brought about the transformation of our generation from a civic audience into an active public was our ability to, individually and collectively, imagine a new story." TEDxKids@BC is a group of people imagining a new story. -- Reminder that we're still accepting applications to speak at TEDxKids@BC until Friday, July 15th! We're also accepting applications beyond Friday from anyone who wants to perform or attend the event as an audience member (it'll be interactive, we promise!), so get yours in early and share the info far and wide.

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